Bridges, October 25, 2019


We received the letter below from Sr. Joan Mumaw, IHM, President and Chief Administrative Officer of Friends in Solidarity, Inc. (with South Sudan):

Dear Friends,

Greetings! I am sending you a special message with an urgent request for prayers for the people of South Sudan.

As you may know, the government and opposition, who have been fighting since the end of 2013, have been engaged in implementing a peace agreement which is to result in a Transitional Government of National Unity to be installed on November 12th. I will be in South Sudan at the time of the deadline for the installation of this new government, if in fact it happens.

The opposition leader, Riek Machar, is asking for another extension so that the peace plan is more fully implemented, including the formation of an integrated army of 83,000 and a security force. He indicates that he will not return and take up his office of VP unless this happens. Currently the UN Security Council and IGAD (leaders of surrounding countries) are in the country meeting with President Salva Kiir and Machar and other key persons involved in the implementing process. The UN and IGAD are opposed to another extension. Short of this happening or a resolution to the sticking points of the peace agreement by Nov. 12th, civil war could again restart after nearly a year long cease fire during which many people have returned home from the IDP camps and businesses have re-started. It will be a real tragedy if this happens.

Lots of prayer energy is needed that the Spirit will touch the hearts of the leaders, all around, including the international community which needs to support the peace process.

Please ask your communities to add South Sudan and the peace process to their long list of intentions for which they pray. There are prayer resources on the Resources page of the website

And pray that my visit to South Sudan, November 5-22nd, brings hope and assurance of our care and concern to Solidarity staff and South Sudanese whom I will meet.

Peace, Joan Mumaw, IHM

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