Bridges, September 27, 2019


Who knows where the time goes? It’s hard to believe that we are now on our second break day and have been engaged in the Chapter now for 12 days. The name tags, the initial introductions of persons, places, and schedules are well behind us and we stand poised and ready for a deeper plunge into the realities of our world and a consideration of actions. Moving beyond the boundaries of our countries of origin, we are invited to take on the perspective of our global Congregation and wider world. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

This past Sunday evening we expanded our circle as 15 RJM “lay companions” joined in the Chapter conversations. The newcomers represented members of AFJM, faculty members, friends, and other associates. Among them was our own, Brittany Galvin who began her association with RJM as a QUEST volunteer and has been with us in various capacities in Haiti for 10 years.

In small and mixed language groups, we investigated some of the concrete “realities of our world.” Many of these issues came through the Province Reports and the proceedings of the Pre-Chapter Assemblies.

As we bid farewell to our lay friends, we are grateful for the quality and diversity of their contributions that will continue to enlighten our Chapter assembly.

Below are two pictures of a common activity among the capitulars – supper dishes!

On the left is the INTER dish team for the week (Ireland, Colombia, USA) and on the right is the rest of the INTER team, showing that “it takes a village!!”

– Sr. Mary Bourdon, RJM

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