Haiti Mission Newsletter - Summer 2019

In this issue, highlighted in blue are ways in which your donations are improving the environment and the quality of life for the Haitian people in a sustainable way, through:

  • Community gardens and seed bank
  • Agroforestry Conference
  • Fruit trees and cash-crop trees for homes
  • Acquaculture promotion
  • Hen house sustainable in water and feed
  • Rebuilt earthquake & hurricane-resistant homes
  • Camp Claudine healthy bodies and minds
  • Structural Improvements at home for elderly
  • Improving education outcomes
  • Entrepreneurship micro and small business loans

William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award

On January 19th, Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM, and Sr. Nazareth Ybarra, RJM, were presented with the prestigious William Jefferson Clinton Goodwill for Haiti Award which honors outstanding individuals who have undertaken extraordinary work and dedicated their lives to the people of Haiti.  The distinguished award was presented to them in Dublin Ireland, by Haven, the leading non-governmental Irish charity working on the ground in Haiti.

Mr. Leslie Buckley, Chairman of HAVEN (third) along with his wife Carmel (second) founded HAVEN as an organization committed to empowering the people of Haiti to build strong and sustainable livelihoods.

From Leslie Buckley:

I and the Board of Haven are deeply impressed with your work in Haiti, most particularly your focus on reuniting families and promoting strong education, training and self-empowerment opportunities to vulnerable families in Haiti.  Every day, you are making an indelible mark in their lives, strengthening their families and communities so that they can look forward to a bright future.

Here Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM (on left) and Sr. Nazareth Ybarra, RJM (on right) accept the award not just on their own behalf but more on behalf of their Haitian co-workers, the many volunteers who have come to Jean Rabel over the years and the faithful donors and supporters who keep their energies going!

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