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BERDE LANGEROY – His good deeds go before him!

It is with shock and deep sadness that the whole community of Jean Rabel heard of the sudden death of “Berde” Douglas Langeroy on the 26th of August 2020. Berde worked in collaboration with the JM Mission in Jean Rabel for many years, at least since 2006.

He was a man of the people, as is evident from this photo from April. In it, Berde stands second from the right, slightly in front of the others with his hand in his pocket, along with all the workers who had completed the boundary wall of the school in Acadien.

He was responsible for building houses – in the region of 600 houses – that have mainly withstood the ravages of hurricanes, floods, storms and earthquake. He was proud of the houses he built, improving them all the time, adding a new feature, like an arch, a window handle, a better door. He respected each person, their choice of color paint, and quietly helped those who were in severe difficulties.

He had a knowledge of water sources, built cisterns and fountains so the people did not have to walk miles to get their daily water supply. Digicel availed of his services when they had building projects in the area. At that time he was given a motorcycle to supervise the different sites. When he returned the motorcycle at the end of the project, the Digicel representative remarked that he was the first person to return all the accessories!

Berde also worked with Foi and Joie, building classrooms. He was involved in a number of the schools built by the JM mission, reparations, and giving advice when appropriate. He had an ability to get along with everyone, was available to help out when needed…. to drive in emergencies…. There are many stories that will surface during these days. He will be sorely missed. Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with his Mother, his families and friends. He loved much.

May his good deeds go before him!

– Sr. Rose Kelly, RJM

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