Bridges, August 28, 2020


August 15th was a Red-Letter Day at St. Timothy’s Convent. The community joined with Sr. Priscilla to celebrate her 60th anniversary of Religious Profession. We remained within the limits imposed by the State of Rhode Island for gatherings indoors – 15. Srs. Mary and Jacqueline Crepeau, and Sr. Sandra Salazar joined us for the day as well as Sister’s sister Connie, brother Jean and his wife Jackie. One sister was unable to attend due to illness.

Decorations were in place in the dining room, the chapel was festooned with flowers, and Rev. Fr. David Gaffney returned to the Chapel where we were fortunate enough to have the Eucharistic Celebration daily during the Lockdown. He came to celebrate the Eucharist on this very special day.

Father began the homily with the story of two fishermen, one experienced and the other a novice. The experienced one caught a large fish and put it in the ice-box. But he noticed that the novice threw his back in the river. When he asked him why he did that he said it was too big for his frying pan. Then, in his own special way Father led us to the real meaning of the story. Sixty years ago, God gave Sr. Priscilla gifts that perhaps at that time were looming quite large, seemed too much, but in the course of time she used these gifts to accomplish the works God had planned for her. She didn’t ignore them. And these 60 years have been fruitful because she cooperated with God and the gifts He gave her. And so, it is with each one of us.

When the Eucharistic Celebration came to a close, all gathered in the sitting room for wine and cheese and conversation. Lunch had been ordered and when it arrived all gathered for the celebration meal. Time passed in conversation, enjoying the delicious food and each other’s company. Here are Srs. Diane Dube, Jacqueline Crepeau and Sr. Helen Scarry. Soon, the visitors left for the trip back to New Hampshire and Lincoln, all indeed grateful for Sr. Priscilla’s 60 years of fidelity.

– Sr. Mariam Norick, RJM
Photos by Sr. Mary Crepeau, RJM

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