Brittany receives a JM pin from Sr. Margaret Perron, Provincial.


Members of the MD/DC region came together on August 19th to bid farewell to Brittany Galvin before her departure for Spain.  They were joined by Cheryl Nichols, former RJM, whose times of service in Haiti have included a stay in the Gros Morne community, where Brittany served as a Quest volunteer.

With her postulancy coming to a close, Brittany now joins the formation community of Madrid, and will begin novitiate there in September.  At the 13th Street gathering, her American sisters offered prayers, blessings, and tales from their own novitiate days as a send-off.  Brittany herself provided the main course for the dinner that followed – marinated grilled chicken.

On Sunday, August 22nd, our Spanish sisters reported Brittany’s safe arrival, and she wrote soon after to say that the community would be going to “the mountains” to plan for the coming year.

A journey that began in Green Bay, Wisconsin, continued to a town in the Artibonite Department of Haiti, moved on to a sojourn in Washington, DC, has now brought Brittany to yet another country, to new challenges and opportunities. May the path ahead be filled with the light and grace of the One who, when another disciple asked, “How can we know the way?” answered: “I am the Way.”


May God bless you, Brittany!

Se pou Bondye beni ou!

Que Díos le Bendíga!

Pòs ki sanble