Lizbeth jazmín Martín NJM

I am Lizbeth; I would like to share with you how my vocation process took place. The Holy Week Mission when I was 20 years old, was one of my founding experiences, in which my thoughts, my emotions and sentiments sharpened, became more acute and concern and interest emerged in me for something more in my daily life.

Every year I participated in this experience, this being a privileged opportunity of complete dedication to my brothers in the mission communities. I felt that I would not stop going because I liked it, it made me happy, I felt fulfilled or realized sharing and learning about God’s love. In my heart were born profound desires to continue sharing my life with these persons. It was then that I felt in my daily life that I was lacking something. Work, my friends, my studies and the feasts which formed part of my life, were not enough. All this caused great fear in me and I tried to forget it. A Priest who was my friend invited me to participate in Vocation Pastoral work by giving some themes, inviting to vocational circles and those desires which I had forgotten emerged again; fear was present but feeling accompanied by God, this gave me strength to seek the means which would clarify my concerns regarding my vocation.

One day I wanted to go to the missions so I searched in Internet to find out with whom I could go; I found the page of the Religious of Jesus and Mary. I liked what I read and I was motivated to look for their contact in Facebook and I sent a friendly petition asking for information about the missions; I asked for help because of my concerns, doubts and vocation desires.

Later I read the Biography of Saint Claudine Thévenet, Foundress of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, and I was struck by her life, experience of pardon and her view about young people. With this I identified and questioned myself. I wanted to give my time and to give myself to and all for God. I asked to make an experience with the Religious to know them, and in it I felt very happy, joyful like at home, accompanied by God and my Sisters. And later I felt confirmed in the desire to share my life collaborating in the construction of the Kingdom like Saint Claudine.

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