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By Sofia Padilla, RJM (Province of Argentina)

“Resonation is the phenomenon that occurs when an object vibrates in a frequency, and another object, that has the same frequency … starts vibrating for itself, in the same way, without being played by anybody, just because it receives the sound wave of that object. For example, in a correctly tuned guitar, when we play the 6th string in the 5th fret … “La/A”, the 5th string, that is also “La/A”, will start to vibrate automatically without being played.

I believe that something of this had happened in our 200 years of history. Music can reach very deep places, transform us, bring new life to us, recreate and renew us… God is with us this way. The most beautiful melodies and harmonies are made sound by His Word and His song, with different frequencies. They do not leave us the same, they transform us, renew, gather, heal and recreate. I also believe that Claudine had the courage to be an instrument of God, so that He could give us His music through her. This music of God, that we have listened through her speaks of a Love to the end, of Goodness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Mercy, Hope, Confidence and many more things… Tuning with God in a same frequency, Claudine vibrated with Him and His project of the Kingdom in this special way. Through her gestures of tenderness, compassion and forgiveness by responding to pain and human fragility, this feeling became more concrete; it did express and reflect this experience of a good God.”

The frequency in which Claudine vibrated because of resonation and harmony with God was converted into an original and special melody. This melody, that transformed society and each person who listened to it, made it posible for many other people, throughout history, to tune in with this same experience of God. Today, we celebrate 200 years of history, 200 years in which many of us in different places have been vibrating with this same Claudine’s frequency. We have tuned with her experience of God and we have discovered that we too have the same frequencies that makes it posible to vibrate with the same frequency like Claudine.”

Note: Sofia also authored the RJM Bicentennial song, which can be heard and viewed in Spanish below: .

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