Last week, WSG stood with students across the country in speaking out against gun violence in schools. Our participation in the 17-minute walkout was initiated by one of our 7th grade students. We are so proud of our students for standing up for what they believe in and for doing so with exceptional grace and maturity.

WSG prides itself on being a place where students feel safe: no matter what might be going on in the world around them, walking through our doors each morning gives our students a sense of security and peace that makes it possible for them to engage fully in school. The demonstration reminded us that despite our best efforts, our students are deeply impacted by news of violence in schools both locally and nationally.

In response to the ongoing crisis of school shootings, WSG joined with other schools of the AISGW (Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington) in calling for action on gun safety in schools. This collaborative letter, which was published in local newspapers, expresses our concerns as educators related to gun violence, laws, and the safety of our school community. Read the full piece below.

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