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In the January 15th Bridges was an article from the Union of Catholic Asian News regarding the election to Bishop of Fr. Khalid Rehmat, a past-pupil of the Jesus and Mary sister in Mariakhel, Pakistan where Sr. Mariam Norick RJM was his Principal from Nursery to Grade 6.  Below is an update on his ordination.

Fr. Khalid Rehmat was ordained Bishop of the Vicariate of Quetta in Baluchistan, on the feast of the Annunciation. The Bishop has dedicated his ministry to Mary asking for her guidance and protection in all. 

He was born in the village of Mariakhel, which was devel-oped in the Thal Dessert after Partition.  His grandparents were among the first settlers in the village.  His family are hard working and exemplary Catholics who have nurtured several priests, brothers, and religious vocations including Sr. Celestine Bhag RJM, his aunt.

Since his priestly ordination, Bishop Rehmat has been active in Communication, as editor of the Monthly Journal, The Catholic Naqib, the oldest Urdu-language Catholic magazine.

He is also active in the work of Formation, as well as Pastoral work in parishes.

– Sr. Mariam Norick RJM


At the suggestion of the province JPIC Committee, the Province Leadership Team has signed a letter asking the Biden Administration to re-designate TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for immigrants from Haiti.

Deportation would send people to a country whose current political situation is unstable and dangerous, and would deprive those in Haiti of the considerable financial help being sent by relatives working in the USA.  The letter calls on President Biden to stand by his words in Miami’s “Little Haiti” when he promised to “(make) sure the Haitian community has an even shot of getting back on its feet and moves…to realize its incredible potential.” The full letter is attached to the email  accompanying Bridges.

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