Bridges, March 26, 2021


Joined by four ‘companions in mission,’ RJM’s from throughout the province participated in a Post-Assembly Zoom Gathering on Saturday, March 13th.  Sr. Cathy Bertrand, SSND facilitated the gathering, during which the participants reviewed the path from the JM Preferences of GC37 to last September’s Province Assembly and the Commitment Statement that came from that meeting.

After reviewing the steps that have been taken to act on these commitments, and looking toward the coming 2nd session of the assembly, participants were asked to put into a word their sense of what emerged from the discussion and reflection.  Below are a few samples of what was shared:

  • Action with Enthusiasm is what we would like to see.
  • “Vulnerable and Anguish are the 2 words that are most deeply recurring in my prayer and consciousness with a desire to provide help through monetary offerings and prayer since I cannot work on a food line or food bank.
  •  Transformation is a conversion – a change of heart and mind that brings us to courageous love and leads to action.”


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