Volunteers for HAITI provides the laity with an opportunity to serve God’s people in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Volunteers are committed to developing their spirituality, living simply, growing in community and working for social justice that challenges unjust structures. They live with the Religious of Jesus and Mary sisters (RJM’s) and share in their mission.

Lay volunteers have served in the mountain town of Gros Morne, which is about five hours north of Port-au-Prince and in Jean Rabel, a hamlet about three hours northwest of Gros Morne.

Volunteers have worked in a variety of community organizing efforts in Haiti: artisan groups, gardening, health care, reforestation, youth groups. The type of work volunteers may undertake, depends on their interest, initiative, skills and talents.

Volunteer opportunities are the month of July and year long commitments. For more information: